namabakery wants your pins!

One of the goals of namabakery is to interact with and get feedback from the community. I also thought it would be exciting to see what inspires all of you to bake (or cook!). For this reason, I’ve opened up a Guest Board under nambakery’s Pinterest account: This board is for you to contribute pins to a collection of inspirational and resourceful information in regards to baking and cooking.

To be a contributor for the Guest Board, follow all namabakery boards ( > click ‘Follow All’). I will follow you back so I can add you onto the list of contributors. Pinterest will only allow me to add you if we are “following” each other.

Now the question is, how many contributors can Pinterest allow on one board? 🙂 I guess we’ll see.


now on Pinterest

I know, Pinterest is all the craze these days, so I started an account for namabakery. Here, you’ll find – not just cupcakes – but anything that could be a resource or inspiration to your baking and cooking needs, and things that continue to inspire the namabakery project.

So, follow namabakery on Pinterest for some fully-baked ideas!